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Freshwater & sea fishes


 Cutthroat trout


Snake River Cutthroat trout

Wall plaque style

∙ Carved from basswood
∙ Basswood carved rocks

∙ Driftwood
∙ Acrylic paint
∙ 17.5"

∙ Yves Laurent  2019



Smallmouth bass




Fisheries and Oceans Canada

This work represents an endangered underwater scene. The WavyRay mussel found in the foreground is currently in the process of extinction because of pollution and invasion of the Great Lakes by the zebra mussel. The WavyRay breeds in symbiosis with Smallmouth Bass. This agitates a lure resembling either a small led or, as in the case here, a bright orange lure. When Achigan attacks, the lure retracts and the mussel casts its larvae into the fish's face. The larvae cling to the gills of the animal and live at his expense for some time. At a specific moment, the larvae unhook and bury themselves in the sheltered soil. In this way, this mussel ensures the spread of its species.

∙ Carved white cedar
∙ Special Order for the Canadian Government

∙ 26 "x 13" x 9.5 "
∙ Acrylic paint

∙ Padouk base, driftwood
Yves Laurent circa 2010


Rainbow trout


Rainbow trout

∙ Carved from red cedar
∙ Mahogany base

∙ Acrylic base
∙ 17.5"

∙ Yves Laurent  2015

male Sockeye salmon


Male Sockeye Salmon with spawning color

∙Carved from white cedar
∙ Pine carved rocks

∙ 25" x 10" x 8"
∙ Acrylic paint

∙ Best of Division Ottawa 2011
∙ Yves Laurent circa 2010


Speckled trout